Duluth Central High School Class of 1961

This is a web site for the Duluth Central "Class of 1961".  It is to be used to help classmates stay in touch with each other and to share their life experiences.

With this new mission, there are new goals of the web site that include:

 - Helping class members search out each other

 - Supporting classmates in finding class members they never met in school and/or

 - Revitalizing old relationships. 

This web site is for you to help develop into a tool to pursue these goals.

Something New from Dan Howard:  Learn more about Duluth, just click on http://zenithcity.com/

We will continue to:

1. Update personal pages as they are submitted.

2. Share the new adventures of classmates including favorite vacations and places to travel.

3. Pass on the formation of sub groups as they meet from time to time.

4. Relay the news of the passing of classmates and of those needing your thoughts and prayers.

5. Add grade school pictures as they are submitted.

6. Share stories and memories submitted by classmates.

So have fun with it.  The web site can only be as good as YOU are willing to make and use it. 

Feel free to contact me (Ken Sorensen) at krjt2@mchsi.com or at 218.590.9829.

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